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XR Interaction System

The immersive experience of XR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) provides unparalleled value-added services for businesses and brands. GranDen XR not only captures the audience's attention but also creates unforgettable interactive experiences, giving your company or brand an additional advantage. Firstly, the immersive experience of XR breaks the boundaries of traditional marketing. Through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you can create realistic virtual scenes that fully immerse consumers. This immersive feeling not only piques consumer interest but also enhances their awareness and understanding of your products or services. Secondly, the immersive experience of XR offers unique opportunities for interaction with consumers. Through the interactive elements of virtual reality, consumers can actively engage and explore different aspects of the product. This level of participation and interactivity strengthens the emotional connection and loyalty towards the brand. Furthermore, the immersive experience of XR provides real-time and valuable data feedback. By analyzing participants' behavior and responses in the virtual environment, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences, needs, and behavioral patterns. Such data analysis helps you better understand your target audience and develop more effective marketing strategies. Lastly, the immersive experience of XR becomes a differentiating and innovative advantage in the market competition. This novel experience attracts more attention and allows your brand to stand out among numerous competitors. This level of innovation helps establish a strong brand image and leaves a lasting impression on consumers. At GranDen, we provide the following services: Interactive game modules Web AR interactive systems Motion sensing device modules OLED transparent magic screens

Metaverse Space

The Metaverse offers exceptional brand experiences and interactive opportunities. In this virtual world, companies can create stunning visuals, immersive sound effects, and interactive features that allow customers to engage with their brand in a lifelike manner. This personalized and captivating interaction increases customer engagement, emotional connection, brand loyalty, and generates word-of-mouth effects. O2O solution addresses the pain points of marketing and customer traffic. Similar to the gameplay of Pokemon Go, it links virtual maps with physical stores, providing consumers with reward coupons while tracking and verifying their actions in real-time. Such incentives attract more consumers to participate and drive them to visit physical stores. Through blockchain technology, consumer transaction records and data are securely stored and verified, ensuring transparency and credibility. Moreover, blockchain technology provides consumer identity authentication and data privacy protection, enhancing consumer trust. Lastly, the integration of virtual and physical realms elevates a company's brand image and market competitiveness. The combination of virtual stores or showrooms with blockchain technology showcases a company's commitment to innovation and digitalization, highlighting its leadership in digital development. At GranDen, we provide the following services: Location-based services (LBS) Decentralized digital asset technology Virtual store development O2O retailing solution